Convention Dates and Location Confirmed

Escapade 26 will be back at the Four Points Sheraton (great for easy parking and airport transfers), though the structure of the function space will be quite different from last year. (We don’t want anyone to get complacent.)

Check this list to confirm you’re registered for Escapade 2016. You can use the lost password link to access your information, register art or vids, and suggest panels. If you’re not registered yet, just click the big blue button above. In celebration, we’ve extended the early-reg discount through Sunday, 11/15. Reminder: if you pre-registered, and February 26-28, 2016 doesn’t work for you, let us know by 12/1/15 so we can refund your registration, or roll it to the following year.

We are already accepting panel suggestions. Please go here to let us know what you’d like to talk about at Escapade.

  • Our Twitter tag: #Escapadecon. Tweet when you register. Tweet when you invite a friend. Use Twitter to share panel ideas until the official panel schedule opens. 
  • Our facebook page:
  • We also have two yahoogroups that receive news updates.

Important Dates

Date Description
11/11/2015 Convention dates announced (2/26-2/29/2015)
11/12 Panel suggestions open
11/15 End of (extended) discount registration period
1/4/2016 Panel suggestions close
1/7 Panel ballot open
1/18 Panel ballot closes
2/2 Songvid submission deadline
2/7 Last day to reserve hotel rooms
2/25 evening Early registration at the hotel

just booked my hotel room for @escapadecon! What an eventful twenty-five years it's been...

What is Escapade?

Escapade: by fans, for fans, about fans and fandom. Escapade IS a weekend-long con attended mostly but not exclusively by women, all of whom are slash fans of all fandoms and flavors. We have 3 panel tracks: fandom-specific, meta discussion, and tech. Escapade panels are highly interactive discussions...Read More

Fanlore & Escapade

Fanlore is a collaborative site by, for, and about fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks. We think Fanlore rocks! Escapade has its own page at fanlore, and there are even sub-pages for each convention year. Go now and enter your own memories of Escapades past.

Our Charity

Escapade has always raised money for charity through the convention raffle, the slash swap meet, the generosity of fans who donate items to be auctioned for charity, and the fans who bid on them. Once again, we’ll be forwarding our contributions to Food Share, Ventura County Food Bank.