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What can we tell you about a multi-media slash convention that’s now old enough to drink? We’ve been doing this for a long time. We keep doing it because we love the con, fandom, and the excuse to get together in person for a big, weekend-long party. Quite a few people have “been around forever,” but plenty of attendees have only attended Escapade once, or this year will be their first. Know that you’re welcome. New blood inspires everyone, and brings new fandoms, new friends, and new technology; we’re glad you’re here. For an overview of Escapades gone by, check out Fanlore.

The convention’s programming is designed by the attendees. Every single year. Attendees provide the songvids for the shows, attendees volunteer to moderate panels and volunteer panel ideas, and attendees’ popular vote is how panels get selected for the schedule. Think of the staff as your friendly and welcoming cruise directors, and don’t be shy about asking questions. We’ve covered many details in the FAQ, but if we missed anything, just email us.

Across the top of the site, you’ll find the following critical links:

  • Register: This page covers all the details of pricing, deadlines, what’s included with your reg, and has the link to the registration form.
  • Hotel: The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach is lovely, and right on the beach. Be sure to make your reservation early.
  • Travel: Whether you’re driving from around the corner, or flying from far away, this page has maps, directions, and parking details.
  • Programming: All the fun stuff, including:
    • Art Show: Fan art and craftworks are welcome for display and sale at Escapade. The live auction Sunday morning is not to be missed.
    • Con Suite: From early registration on Thursday evening through the Dead Dog Party Sunday afternoon, the con suite is the heart of Escapade. Drop by for coffee or a snack, to watch songvids, read zines from the fanzine library, or just hang with friends.
    • Dealers Room: Dealers offer a variety of (mostly) fan-related goods for sale; you can partake of their bounty on Saturday and Sunday.
    • Panels: Escapade panels are famous (or maybe infamous). Be sure to contribute panel ideas for the ballot, vote for the panels that sound interesting, volunteer to moderate, and then show up and be heard.
    • Scholarship: Fans helping fans. Take a minute to nominate someone you think would be a good addition to the Escapade family, and if you’re able, make a contribution toward their trip. Every dollar (or five hundred) makes a difference.
    • Songvid Show: Escapade and songvids go together like Starsky and Hutch. The Saturday night show is a spectacular event. Escapade welcomes submissions from all vidders.
    • Volunteer: We couldn’t do this without help. A lot of help. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the convention, to meet new friends, and to get a discount on the following year’s registration.
    • Zine Library: Some fans today may never have held a paper fanzine, but here at Escapade we have hundreds. You can read them in the con suite, or check them out…as long as you return them by Sunday afternoon.
  • Schedule:  Escapade programming starts on Friday morning, but lots of fans come in Thursday evening, pick up their badge & registration materials in the con suite, and start the party early. Here’s a framework.which will be fleshed out as the convention approached.
  • News: There are always quick links to recent news on the Escapade home page, but if you missed a post, or want to look up something older, look here.

Available at the top right of every page:

  • Policies: We’re not big on rules at Escapade, but we do have a few policies that we ask everyone to agree to. If, for some reason, you think you’ll have trouble cooperating, please contact the con committee.
  • FAQ: Questions? We’ve got questions. And, as a special bonus, answers!
  • Site Map: An overview of the site, including all pages and access to many recent news entries.
  • Contact Us: What it says on the tin. Come here, drop us a line, and we will answer.
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